Salute to Freedomhouse and Those Who Strive for

Human Freedom!

Introduction Freecoin

Freecoin(FREE) is a brand-new decentralized token base on Binance Smart Chain. Token holders focus on marketing human freedom concept and pushing the progress of global freedom. To arouse the awareness of people from regions lacking freedom, holders get together and set up own decentralized community for freedom awareness broadcast.

Generally speaking, freedom includes 2 simple elements Internet freedom and political freedom. Freedomhouse is the place where you can real-time see the freedom status of different regions on earth. Salute to the organizations that strive for world freedom.



Profit maximization is only part of Freecoin. Moreover, an eco-system base on freedom concept community aims to broadcast democracy and internet freedom. Token value of Freecoin strongly connects with the progress of freedom realization on earth.

BSC Contract: XEF4A5E1C5C156SF165RFVRD5F61VDRF256


5% —– Liquidity —– 5%

5% —- Marketing —- 5%

Total Supply: 100000000

Main Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Fair Launch, Team Just for Marketing

Roadmap of Freecoin is on…

Token and Website Launch ————— 5000 Token Holders —————— List on CG & CMC —————— 15000 Token Holders —————– 100000 Token Holders

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