World Chain

A blockchain for humans. Launching soon.

Priority for humans

Verified humans will enjoy priority blockspace over bots, and a free gas allowance so it’s easy to get started. The network will be secured by Ethereum as a Layer 2, engineered for scalability with the Superchain ecosystem. And will be a place for developers to reach millions of users with apps focused on real world utility.

  1. Priority blockspace and free gas allowance for humans
  2. Open source. Permissionless. Secured by Ethereum.
  3. Real world applications enabled by World ID Sybil resistance
  4. Intended to be independently governed by the community
  5. Engineered for scalability with the Superchain ecosystem
  6. Launching with 10M + users

World Chain ecosystem


Future waves of the Worldcoin Community Grants Program will support developers in building real world apps for everyday life, and as part of the Superchain, they will also be eligible for consideration in Optimism RPGF.

Start building


See you summer 2024